Youth Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is an especially pertinent experience for teenagers and has an innate appeal to them. We often find that adults who go through the Vision Quest are answering questions that they have carried with them from childhood and youth and which have coloured their whole lives.

Traditionally, the Vision Quest was a natural part in the cycle of life to initiate young people into adulthood. Today, many old traditions have been dispensed with, family values have broken down and many teenagers find themselves lacking the opportunity to engage in positive initiatory experiences to mark their graduation from childhood to adulthood. They find themselves choosing alternative means of initiation which are often socially unacceptable: drinking, drug taking, underage ‘thrill’ driving, house breaking: none of which activities are encouraged by the community or by the law. The Vision Quest "Rite of Passage" is a turning point in life, undertaken when the older child is ready, to find oneself and intended spiritual and life direction. Ideally, as a graduation exercise, the course might be offered at the end of the last year of the candidate’s schooling, enabling the candidate to return to a post-school life and the beginnings of adult responsibility with a clear focus, powerfully moved by having lived close to the healing power of nature apart from the placenta of home and school.

"Nature is continually informing us, but we fail to see and hear because our minds are so crazy." ~ Sun Bear