The Vision Quest

The journey into the wilderness: to seek vision, wisdom and self-knowledge is as old as human civilisation itself. In all cultures and societies it has existed in one form or another and all great spiritual leaders, from Jesus and Buddha to Knights of the Middle Ages and modern day Medicine men and women, have tested themselves and sought enlightenment in this way, bringing back what they have learned to their people, so that they may all benefit from the experience.

Every earth-based culture, such as the Celts, Siberians, Africans, Tibetans and Native Americans, has had a tradition of enacting formal rites of passage of one kind or another. The most effective way of moving from one life stage to another is by "marking" that transition with ritual and ceremony. One of the most effective and simple ways of doing this is to allow ourselves to really feel, deeply feel, our connection to the land and allow the land to move us.

The vision quest is based on Native American Indian models and traditions, but it draws its power from the land in England which Earth Encounters has been gifted. The model is merely a framework into which the quester pours his or her own life experiences and beliefs.