"For over two decades David Wendl-Berry has been at the wildest edge of rites-of-passage work in the U.K. No one else working today has the breadth of experience and profound wisdom David holds in this area. His heart and canniness cut through all racial and social barriers;his humour and guts have helped facilitate hundreds of men and women through this delicate process of soul-awakening. This man is a national treasure and hugely gifted."

Martin Shaw-Mythologist, storyteller and author of ‘A Branch From The Lightning Tree: Ecstatic Myth and the Grace in Wildness’

"My vision quest with David was over 10 years ago, but the essence of it and some of my experiences during the four days, are still vivid and meaningful to me: they still guide my way. This work of David’s is spirit-led, and he offers it with a deep commitment, with eldership and humour. I would recommend David’s vision quest and animal journeying to anyone wanting to remember their own spirit and nature, and how to live from it."

Iona Fredenburgh

"The Vision Quest is powerful medicine allowing us to bare the soul, and transformation at the deepest level to take place.
My experience of Vision Quest was the most transformative of a lifetime, and I will be forever grateful for the changes made. The space was held with maximum support and understanding for each person’s journey and I would not hesitate to recommend David’s work to anyone looking to seek guidance from Vision Quest. His integrity, sense of humour and decades of experience mean that the quest is infused with magic and wisdom. David is an elder whose medicine we are blessed to have in this land. "

Rachael Dunsmore

"Deciding to go onto a vision quest has in itself been a scary and nerve wrecking exercise. So many hours, alone, in nature, without food... When I finally got myself to do it and contacted David I came to understand that with the right guide there will be support at every step of the way, which will allow for the process to unfold by itself. The extensiveness of the task can be managed in small steps, and at every step I have felt supported by David with a smile (and great understanding). His experience and knowledge have always left me feeling in the best hands and safe. The vision quest under David's guidance has easily been one of the most beautiful and striking experiences of my life."

Johannes Weymann

"It felt a bit strange, at age 50, to be undertaking a rite of passage into adulthood. But talking with David and Poonam I realised that it was not that I was a late developer but that most people in our society never really make this passage. It was the beginning of a new relationship with the earth and shamanic practices which is helping me to become my own authority - a journey which is indescribably beautiful and valuable. I am more grateful than I can possibly express to my guides and to the wonderful hosts at Pontrilas, who care for the land which cared for me and brought me home to myself and my roots."

Kusameh Omala

"I had read and heard about vision quests on several occasions over many years before I finally felt the pull to do one myself. Not being from the UK, I could at first not understand why my path led me all the way to David Wendl-Berry. Almost a year on, I'm beginning to understand. Not only am I beginning to fully understand how powerful and mind-blowing the experience of a vision quest can be. It is awesome, life confirming and life-changing. But I am also beginning to understand why I ended up with David. He is the kind of guide I needed: unconventional, real, and totally down-to-earth. Yet full of stories and experiences showing a deep, tangible spirituality. What a rite of passage."

Rudy Dhont