Events and Prices

Vision Quest

If you are considering a vision quest for yourself next year it is a really good idea to make the decision as soon as possible as the making of this decision sets your intention and you are likely to find that Life starts showing you the themes and areas of your life that will be most addressed in your personal vision quest process. Setting your intention early also gives you the opportunity to begin to develop a relationship with David, your guide.

These are the dates for 2018:

Friday 18th to Sunday 27th May

Friday 6th to Sunday 15th July

Friday 24th August to Sunday 2nd September

The cost of participating in a 10 day vision quest is £750. A non-returnable deposit of £300 is payable on booking. This deposit allows David and one of his assistants to spend time with you in preparation. Preparation includes writing a 10 page autobiography which will be read by your guides and will serve the basis of counselling sessions before the quest. You will be given full instruction in the Vision Quest process and written material to study. The fee also covers 5 days camping on the private land before and after the solo quest time. Before the solo quest time you will be instructed in a variety of preparatory activities on the land. After the solo quest time you will receive help in understanding and integrating your vision. The 4 day and 4 night Vision Quest itself is not charged for.

  All group events, unless otherwise stated, are hosted at Deerheart Yurt, Pontrilas, Herefordshire.

Chakra Animal Workshop

These are all day workshops which include two journeys. One to meet your chakra animals and the second to perform a healing ceremony with them. The cost varies depending on the size of the group. If you are interested in arranging a group workshop at the Deerheart Yurt please contact David.

Individual guided journeys with David can be arranged at a cost of £60 per journey.